What is C-Bus?

Since its beginnings in 1920, Clipsal Australia Pty Ltd has continuously developed and evolved their range of electrical accessories to meet commercial and residential requirements. The world famous Clipsal brand is Australia's number one producer of electrical accessories, and is also a market leader in the data communications, industrial and automation markets.

Advancement in the field of automation products led to the formation of Clipsal Integrated Systems in 2000, a business unit of Clipsal Australia specialising in the manufacturing of electronic lighting and building automation products. Since then Clipsal Integrated Systems has grown rapidly, gaining widespread acceptance in major commercial and residential markets.

Through extensive research and design, Clipsal Integrated Systems developed the C-Bus Control and Management System back in 1994, and since then C-Bus has become the standard of the Clipsal Integrated Systems product range. Initially, C-Bus was designed and manufactured for commercial application, however due to increasing worldwide interest C-Bus has been enhanced to suit the residential market.

As C-Bus developed, there was an ongoing concern in relation to ensuring the end-user would obtain the most out of every product. To combat this issue, Clipsal Integrated Systems provide training and support to all contractors working with C-Bus so they receive all the essential installation information and adopt the essential skills.

Contractors can either become approved installers - a person or company that has had the standard of their C-Bus installation, servicing abilities and quality of service to customers recognised by Clipsal Integrated Systems; or systems integrators - a person or company who works with end users, builders, architects or contractors to develop a total integration package of security, lighting, air-conditioning, watering, entertainment systems and more.

Over time, Clipsal Integrated Systems has found that the integration component of automation and lighting control is increasing in demand, and more clients now require a total integrated system in their residential or commercial premises. Thus, the systems integrator is now more important than ever.

To cater for this increase in demand, Clipsal Integrated Systems have chosen to brand their certified systems integrators to communicate the broad range of expertise these individuals and companies have to offer in the world of automation and lighting control. Certified Systems Integrators are now known as C-Bus pointOne accredited integration professionals and are part of the C-Bus pointOne program. They are your one point of contact for total control.
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